In a Hurry Salmon Salad

In a Hurry Salmon Salad

In a Hurry Salmon Salad

Just in time for the hot days of summer, here is an easy salad you can pull together in five minutes. It’s great at a brunch or for lunch in a sandwich or on top of a salad. It makes a nice change from tuna fish. This is my original recipe for salmon croquettes with a few tweaks. Feel free to add your own herbs. It’s a gem and so easy to make. Have fun!


2   5 oz. cans skinless, boneless pink salmon (I use “Chicken of the Sea”), drained

2 Tbls. mayonnaise

1 Tbls. chopped fresh dill

2 – 2.5 tsp. lemon juice

Zest of almost ½ lemon

¼-1/2 tsp. garlic powder


Combine all ingredients.

Tip:  Feel free to experiment with other fresh herbs.