J’s Summer Chicken

J'S Summer Chicken

J’S Summer Chicken

Just in time for the approaching Jewish Holidays, here is an easy recipe that would be perfect for your holiday meal. It’s light, quick to prepare and is gluten-free. You can substitute other veggies but the most important element are the tomatoes. Enjoy!!
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Super Bowl Layered Dip, Jewish Style!

Super Bowl Layered Dip,Jewish Style!

Super Bowl Layered Dip, Jewish Style!

Here is a great “Noshable” (appetizer): I’ve taken two of my recipes (found on this website) and modified them to create this new and easy dish just in time for the Super Bowl! It has different layers and is best served with pita chips, tortilla chips, toasted pita bread or crackers.The layers can be made a day or two in advance and then assembled right before the game.  Just remember that if you have people who keep Kosher, don’t serve this with a meat meal or if having a meat meal, substitute a non-dairy sour cream for the regular sour cream. Go teams!!

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One-Bowl Kugel

Phyllis's Mother's KugelIf you are looking for an easy, classic recipe, this one will surely become a family favorite. It is what we would call, “A Mechaya”, life sustaining, the ultimate Jewish comfort food!! This is Phyllis’s Mother’s kugel recipe, and I can tell you it is the easiest, lightest and most foolproof kugel you will ever make! Here is how Phyllis describes it: ” Mom was the best cook on the block and everyone had her recipes. This one of my Mother’s original recipes scaled down for dieters.” Phyllis told me that when she makes it, it’s finished in one sitting!

It will be perfect for a break-the-fast meal or brunch as it is dairy. It will become your “go-to” kugel. The Recipe

Malka’s Israeli- Style Gefilte Fish

This is a recipe from my cousin Malka, who is Israeli. She gave this to my mother years ago and we have continued making this as our family’s gefilte fish recipe. It’s so easy!! It is a twist on the regular gefilte fish and more flavorful. The Recipe