“Stuffed Monkey” (not a real monkey!)

"Stuffed Monkey"

“Stuffed Monkey”

You might be a bit worried by the name of this dish, but it’s just a fun name for a dessert made by Jews in England. This recipe is a tribute to a beloved family member, Lilian, and is very much like the one she used to make.  It brings back fond memories of my visits when I would sit with her while she was making it, the conversation would be flowing and the flour would be flying all over the kithchen! The traditional Stuffed Monkey often has candied fruit as the filling. I have changed it to dried fruit and added a bit of orange and lemon zest. It is easy to make and everyone will have a giggle when you tell them its name! It is great to have with a cup of tea or coffee or just as a snack cake. It also freezes well. Have fun! Read on for the Recipe