Panicked about Passover? Hosting your future mother-in-law? Cooking for your Jdate for the first time? Don’t worry, you’ve got me, Just a Jewish Mother (JAJM). I’m your personal Jewish Mother, Bubbeleh, and I’m coming to the rescue!

I offer classes currently in the Boston area, so if you are in town or live in the area, and would like to schedule a class,please contact me at

A class can be offered as a:

  • Wedding Gift for the newlyweds
  • Creative gift for the “foodie” in your life
  • Fun bachelorette party
  • Birthday party
  • Singles Mixer
  • Team building for business
  • Networking event for professionals

Classes are a great opportunity to gather with friends, learn something new, and most importantly, to have fun!

Types of Classes
• Demo Class:
Cooking demonstration for the group; group gets to eat what is prepared.
• Honor/Tribute Class:
(can be customized to fit needs of host) Cooking demonstration of family member’s/friend’s recipes as a tribute to that person celebrating a special occasion, their life or just in their honor.
• One-on-One:
Private session demonstrating recipes and techniques based on customized recipes determined by areas of interest of the individual.

Themed Classes:

• “Cook and Nosh” – “A Jewish Brunch”
• “Cook and Nosh” – “A Sweet New Year”
• “Cook and Nosh” – “Weeknight Rush”
• “Cook and Nosh” – “Noshables” (Appetizers)
• “Cook and Nosh – “Fun and Fast”
• “Network and Nosh” (themed class for professional networking opportunities)
• Customized Theme/Class – customized group experience based on your interest.


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