Jewishmothercooking.com is dedicated to easy Jewish Cooking for your busy lifestyle.

And I’m “Just A Jewish Mother”! Why me? Why not!!

Unlike your typical Jewish Mother of yesteryear, I, like you, have a very busy modern life. To be honest, with family, work and other commitments, I have no extra hours in the day!

Jewish cooking is so important in the overall Jewish experience. It is a way to pass on our traditions and also allows others to experience our culture. So, like a typical Jewish Mother, I began to worry!! How would I be able to pass these recipes on to future generations if they were so complicated? Would they give up before they even got started?

I have asked many friends and other wonderful Jewish cooks to share their recipes with me and now you. Many of their stories accompany the recipes. While preserving the essence of the dishes I have tried to simplify them to fit our busy lifestyles.

So, whether you‘re a Jewish mother or just want to cook like one, Jewishmothercooking.com is the blog for you! With Just a Jewish Mother as your guide the sky’s the limit. Whether you’re looking to recreate grandma’s borscht, impress your mate with a no fuss kugel, wow the in-laws with a brisket to die for, or whip up matzo ball soup for a sick friend, Jewishmothercooking.com is here for you.

 “Just a Jewish Mother” 

Just A Jewish Mother

Just A Jewish Mother

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I grew up eating my mother’s matzoh balls and tzimmes, was schlepped to Hebrew School several times a week and then moved to Israel where I lived for nine years. After serving in the Israeli Army, I got married and returned to the U.S. While working for many years as a Jewish educator, I discovered a passion for passing along the gifts of Jewish culture to the next generation.  I love cooking, teaching, laughing – preferably all at the same time. I’m “Just a Jewish Mother” to a blended family of four sons and one daughter. I live in the Boston area. My favorite matzoh balls are floaters (but I can teach you to make sinkers if you like).

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