Raspberry Lemon Cloud Minis

Raspberry Lemon Cloud Minis


Shavuot, the holiday that celebrates the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people on Mt.Sinai, begins tonight. It is customary to eat dairy foods. Here is a simple, delicious and calorie-friendly dessert that you can make in a flash. Enjoy and Chag Sameach!!  

Raspberry Sauce


¼ cup seedless raspberry fruit spread

½ cup fresh raspberries

¼ cup water

1-2 squeezes fresh lemon juice (to taste)


  1. Place all ingredients in a medium saucepan; cook for 5-7 minutes on medium flame.
  2. Strain sauce and chill.

Lemon Cloud Mixture


1  8 oz.  package Neufchatel cheese (low-fat cream cheese)

1  6 oz. container lemon yogurt

1  cup low-fat whipped topping ( I use So Delicious Light CocoWhip! Coconut Whipped Topping)

3 Tbls. evaporated milk

½ tsp. lemon zest

Juice of 1 lemon


  1. In food processor combine cheese, yogurt, evaporated milk, zest and lemon juice until smooth; Pour into large mixing bowl and fold in whipped topping, mixing well.
  2. Place mixture in zipper bag, snipping off one corner; place a spoonful of raspberry sauce in mini glass, place a layer of lemon-cheese filling and continuing alternating layers of raspberry sauce and lemon-cheese filing to top of glass.
  3. Top with fresh raspberry. Chill until ready to serve. Makes 4 mini servings. Recipe can be doubled or tripled.

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