Chanukkah Cookies

Chanukkah Cookies

Chanukkah Cookies

As I have always said, “No Patchke in the Kitchen”, which means, “No Fuss in the Kitchen”.  And I am true to my word! For these cookies I’ve used the dough from my delicious  “Hamantashen – A Traditional Jewish Pastry for Purim” recipe (found on this website). The dough has a mild orange flavor and is perfect when made as a cookie. I roll it out to a 1/4″-1/8″ thickness, then I use Chanukkah cookie cutters. Lo and behold…Chanukkah Cookies! 

 Follow steps for the recipe using pareve margarine instead of butter and orange juice instead of milk.  At step 3, cut out rounds of dough with Chanukkah shaped cookie cutters, lay out on baking pan lined with parchment paper; bake 10-12 minutes until lightly golden brown.

Tip: If you want to decorate with chocolate, just melt about 1/3 semi-sweet morsels in the microwave for about a minute, place in a zipper sandwich bag, snip off the tip and you are ready to decorate!

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