Mishloach Manot, Food Gifts for Purim

Basic Mishloach Manot

Basic Mishloach Manot

Mishloach Manot, the “sending of portions” are symbols of friendship that we exchange on Purim. They are baskets or containers of delicious food items, at the very least containing Hamantashen and should contain at least two ready-made foods per person. Above is an example of a basic Mishloach Manot basket. I put in some Hamantashen, some popcorn and a fruit bar.

Below, I got a little more creative and put together a “Relax and Nosh” Mishloach Manot

Relax & Nosh Mishloach Manot

Relax & Nosh Mishloach Manot

consisting of Hamantashen (of course), a beautiful mug, herbal tea, a bag of delicious coffee, a bottle of refreshing juice and some roasted pecans. Feel free to customize the theme of the gift basket to your friends’ tastes, or if you don’t know what to include, just use items that you would like to receive! You can also get creative with the container. The above container can be reused by the recipient after the holiday. The sky is the limit! Have fun, after all, it’s almost Purim!


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