A Cute Postscript to Passover


You may be saying to yourself, Passover is over, the good dishes are put away, the matzah and the traditional foods are all but a distant memory, but bear with me…I couldn’t resist telling you about an unusual way that was used to find the Afikoman…

The Afikoman, which means dessert, is such an important part of the Seder, that without it the Seder cannot be completed. Traditionally, young children at the Seder look for this special piece of matzah that is hidden by the leader and happily receive money or a prize when they find it. After the festive meal is eaten the Afikoman is shared so that everyone can enjoy a small piece of the “dessert”. What is a family to do if there are no young children present to look for the Afikoman?  A family member found a creative solution to this problem. Their very large dog, “U” was given the task of finding the Afikoman. They had him smell a piece of matzah so that he would recognize the scent. After a few minutes of searching and not having found it, his owners took the Afikoman, unwrapped it, spread the matzah with peanut butter, rewrapped it, put it back in its hiding place and within seconds, there was a happy ending to the Seder – “U” had found the Afikoman and was able to partake in the “dessert” with the rest of the guests!!

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