Jimmy’s Fried Matzie

Jimmy's Fried Matzie

Jimmy’s Fried Matzie

This is the perfect, easy Passover breakfast. It has several different names: “Matzo Brie”, “Fried Matzie” to name a few. It is a blank canvas for many toppings and seasonings. Feel free to get creative. Here is the basic recipe, a Passover staple in our house! The Recipe

Amy’s Chocolate “Matzah Delights”

If you are looking for something quick to make for dessert to serve at the Seder or to bring as gift for the host/hostess, this is a recipe from my son’s friend’s family. Matzah Delights are so delicious you will want to eat more than one piece!
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Aunt Rebecca’s Chocolate Macaroons

Aunt Rebecca's Chocolate  Chocolate Macaroons

Aunt Rebecca’s Chocolate
Chocolate Macaroons

Just in time for Passover, these wonderfully easy and delicious macaroons have become a favorite at our Seder. Aunt Rebecca was my friend Ruth’s aunt and this is her recipe. Aunt Rebecca came from the West End of Boston. Her memory lives on in these yummy chocolate treats.
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Purim Is Here!!

Purim_GraggerWhat a happy holiday, hope you have your graggers ready to drown out Haman’s name! Hope you get to taste or make delicious Hamantashen (check this site for an easy recipe), listen to the reading of the Megillah (Scroll of Esther) in the synagogue, enjoy seeing the children in their costumes, watch a Purim Spiel, attend a Purim carnival and just have a great time!